Every research is based on the topic. And you are lucky if your professor gave you a list of term paper topics to choose from or already made a decision for you. But there are times when you have to find a topic by yourself. And this is where you get confused and lost because there’s so much you can write about and many things you’re interested in, and as a result you have no idea where to start. However, there’s a way-out and I’m not going to talk about the website that does your homework for you. The solution is simple – just find a broad subject area and then narrow it down. While doing a research into it, write down a list of topics that interests you or the ones you find worth paying attention to. Then, you should choose the one that would catch readers’ attention and/or can influence them to have a particular feeling. You should also remember that when you make a stand, stick to it by providing evidence to prove your opinion, and do not shift to another point of view just to meet the word count. Additionally, before starting writing make sure you have enough information for your research, but don’t forget to pay attention to the relevancy of your resources.
Below some good examples of topics for most common subjects are listed.


    1. Big businesses and their influence on the world
    2. Business trends
    3. Does inequality damages global economy?
    4. E-business
    5. Ethics
    6. Influence of China on global business
    7. Influence of profitable businesses on ecology
  1. Private business and country’s economy
  2. Technology and business
  3. Ways to improve your business


  1. Animal rights
  2. Common causes of crimes
  3. Connection between mental illness and crime
  4. Death penalty
  5. Hate crimes
  6. How should we treat criminals – put them in mental institution or in prison?
  7. Police brutality
  8. Serial killers and what made them who they are
  9. Sex crimes
  10. Ways of controlling white-collar crimes


  1. Education and religion
  2. Home vs school education
  3. Importance of social status for students
  4. Online courses
  5. Perks of being a student
  6. School violence
  7. Sex education
  8. Teachers’ discrimination against students
  9. The obstacle by the name of high college fees to graduating
  10. Why getting a degree matters?

Environmental studies

  1. Climate change
  2. Climate diplomacy
  3. Current environmental problems and ways to solving them
  4. Global warming
  5. Influence of humans on the planet (pollution, deforestation, etc)
  6. Influence of people’s motives and beliefs on following green policies
  7. Recycling
  8. Religion and climate change – is the end of the world near?
  9. Renewable energy
  10. Ways to curbing emissions

Health care

  1. Bad habits
  2. Bulimia in students
  3. Computer and phone addition
  4. Depression
  5. Free health care
  6. Idolized images of women as a cause of eating disorders
  7. Importance of physical exercises
  8. Marijuana – a thin line between addiction and a cure
  9. Sleep deprivation
  10. Vegetarian diets – pros and cons

Media and communication

  1. Censorship
  2. Copyright
  3. Freedom of speech
  4. Impact of media stereotypes on different age groups
  5. Influence of internet on media
  6. Influence on kids and teenagers
  7. Is print media going to survive?
  8. Media and politics
  9. Social media crimes
  10. Today’s media world

Political issues

  1. Abortion
  2. Gay marriage
  3. Illegal immigration
  4. Marijuana legalization
  5. Poverty
  6. Protection of minorities and the disadvantaged
  7. Religious extremism
  8. Why are huge sums of money spent on election?
  9. Strict gun control rules
  10. Taxation


  1. Cyber bulling
  2. Effect of negative and positive words on your brain, mood and body
  3. Impact of color on mental states
  4. Influence of unhealthy relationship on a person
  5. Mind control
  6. Psychological effects of torture or abuse on children
  7. Savant syndrome
  8. Subliminal stimuli
  9. Why do dreams occur and how can they be interpreted?
  10. Why do people lie?


  1. Causes of atheism
  2. Cults
  3. Did Jesus really exist?
  4. Is Islam a religion of peace?
  5. Is there only one true God?
  6. Is today religion becoming a business?
  7. Religion and same-sex marriages
  8. Religious extremism
  9. Religious freedom
  10. Similarities between the Qur’an and Bible

Social issues

  1. A decent education
  2. Ageism
  3. Child labor
  4. Equality between men and women
  5. Gay parenting
  6. Homelessness
  7. Protection of political freedoms
  8. Racism
  9. Suicide
  10. Violence in music videos and video games


  1. Does technological advancement benefit humans?
  2. Domestic spying via social media
  3. Effect of technologies on our brain and body
  4. Effects of chatting on teen literacy
  5. Impact of cell phones and social media on family or relationship
  6. Internet makes more good than bad, or is it vice versa?
  7. Technology and education
  8. Technology and military
  9. Use of technologies in medicine
  10. What was lost with the advent of digital media devices?

These are the topics that I personally thought would be indeed interesting to do a research on. However, if you haven’t found what you were looking for, don’t be discouraged. There is so much more you can research. Just go to a library or online database, type your subjects and you will find tons of articles on interesting topics. Choose the one you feel you can make a contribution to and have fun with writing your term paper.
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