The aim of writing a term paper proposal is to present your title and a detailed description of your paper so that your teacher/professor can provide you with some corrections for the final draft. And if you do a good job on the proposal, you will be half way through writing your term paper simply because it includes three basic components of the term paper which are a working title, a thesis statement, and an annotated bibliography.

A Working Title

Your title should be descriptive and attention-grabbing. However, through the process of writing it may change in order to support your thesis statement in full. Most probably you won’t think of the title immediately but as you research you will find the topic that suits your term paper and your ideas best. A really good example of a title for the term paper on vegetarianism would be Vegetarian or Meat: Which is Healthier? simply because it catches attention of both people who follow vegetarian diet and who don’t.

A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a one- or two-sentence long argument which you will be proved and supported by evidence and ideas throughout your term paper. Basically, a thesis statement answers the question asked about the issue you are researching. And your job is to find this question and your answer to it. A good thesis statement explores the issue on which the majority disagrees and is adequate to the assignment. And you should remember that in the thesis statement you state only one idea.

Basically, writing a thesis statement could be a piece of cake, but if you are at a loss, just brainstorm some ideas on your topic. Then use specific language and assert your position. Also, remember that a strong thesis statement takes strong stand on the research problem or question. A good example of thesis statement for the term paper under the topic mentioned above could be Although many believe vegetarian diets are devoid of essential nutrients found in meat and fish, they are healthier because vegetarians have lower a risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Such a thesis statement answers the question asked in the topic and shows writer’s position on the issue.

Remember to be clear and specific while writing a thesis statement. Vagueness and ambiguity aren’t welcomed here.

An Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is simply a list of four or five books, articles, journals, magazines, etc. that were used while writing a term paper proposal. But remember that the list of references should be formatted according to the style mentioned in the guidelines on writing the term paper.

All in all, a good proposal is a successful start of writing your term paper. Just remember to manage your time properly so that you won’t rush or spend the whole night before the due date writing it which will result in worsening both your health and the quality of the proposal. Also, credible sources and the topic that is out of ordinary contribute to making an ordinary term paper proposal an outstanding one.

term paper proposal
And my last piece of advice would be to make yourself comfortable in order to write comfortably.

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